Tanzania Family safari is the most joyful, educational, relaxing, interesting vacation you can have with your children and ends up memorable and of lifetime experience in Africa.

During planning of family safari holiday, Tanzania is the best destination of your choice. Its marvelous experience going to safari with your children and view wildlife in their natural habitat. Not only wildlife, but the beautiful landscapes of Ngorongoro with endless plains in Serengeti, with many other amazing sceneries of other Tanzania parks will be of high interest to your family.

You can choose your family safari from variety of accommodations, either luxury. Mid- range or Budget packages. Most of the accommodation do have different activities for the kids such as cultural village excursions, guided walks and swimming pools.

Why Tanzania Family Safari?

  1. Experience African Wildlife is more to your Children

Its more funny when on Tanzania Family Safari Tour and see Wildlife in their natural habitat compared to watching them at Television such BBC or National Geographic.

  1. Understanding of Tanzania Culture

Tanzania have many tribes with different Cultures. Your children will be exposed to African culture which is unique from other parts of the World.

  1. Family Safari will create lifetime memories to your children.

Imagine your Kids getting disconnected from ever Present WiFi and find themselves in the middle of nowhere inside the wilderness, surrounded with different Wild-animals. Its amazing and memorable. Your kids will get more time together playing cards, board games and enjoying quality time with the whole family in the bush.

  1. Family Safari is more educational and funnier for Children

Your Children will get chance to learn and acquire Wildlife knowledge from our experienced guides. We offer the Best Guides for Tanzania Family Safari!!

  1. More relaxing and flexible

While on Tanzania Family Safari we will use private vehicle. Your safari will be relaxing and enjoyable as you will not be in rush chasing animals. As family you will be flexible spending your time in animals until when you get satisfied and make decision what next you need.

Best Tanzania Family Safari Packages

6 Days/ 5 Nights Safari ( L.Manyara/ Ngorongoro/ Serengeti) – Family Safari

For children, a family safari is a chance to spend time together whilst learning more about the world. Whether it’s going on game drives or exploring the lodge, children will

Tanzania Family Safari 6- Days Tour

When it comes to picking your next holiday destination, Africa is the best destination. Nothing more incredible than heading out on safari together with your family viewing wild animals in

Tanzania Family Safari -7 Days Tour

Experience the best days of your adventure life touring these amazing national parks filled with plenty of wildlife and nature’s suprises waiting just around the corner. Book this safari for

3 Days/ 2 Nights ( Ngorongoro/ Serengeti)

How do you spend your holidays? How do you define adventure? When is the last time you had a fun relaxed trip? Well, about time these questions pop in your

3 Days ( Tarangire / Ngorongoro Crater/ Lake Manyara)

Looking to give your family a good time waking up to orange sunrises, spending the day cruising in the parks and cuddling up in the evening to see the sunset?

Tanzania Family Safari 4 – Days Tour

Nothing more incredible than heading out on safari together with your family or friends viewing wild animals in their natural habitat, appreciating the beautiful scenery of nature in its best

3 Days/ 2 Nights ( Ngorongoro/ Serengeti)

Family is a very important aspect in our lives and always deserves the best. This tour gives you adventure, experience and family time all in one package. Book this tour