About Climb Mount Meru

Mount Meru is one among most beautiful volcanoes in Africa and stand to be the second highest mountain in Tanzania with an altitude of 4,5685m. In Africa Mount Meru is the fifth highest Mountain. Climb Mount Meru is being conducted by many tourist who visit Tanzania.

The Mountain is located around 70km Southwest of Kilimanjaro and Eastern side of the Great Rift Valley.  Mount Meru last erupted in 1910 and therefore its still an active volcano (although dormant). Climb Mount Meru has given trekkers an opportunity to see different species within the park such as variety birds and wildlife such as  giraffe, baboons, buffalos and colobus monkeys.

Why Climb Mount Meru?

There several good reason for Climb Mount Meru.

  • Climb Mount Meru is a warm up for Climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain. The mountain is 70km away from the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro Mountain

If your climbing Kilimanjaro then climb Mount Meru will prepare you for better acclimatization in high altitude as its height is 4,5685m

  • The Mountain location is within Arusha National Park which is amazingly rich in wildlife. It gives climbers an opportunity to spot some animals such as monkeys, giraffes, warthogs, buffaloes and a wide variety of birds
  • Climbing Mount Meru gives mountain adventurers peaceful climb as it has less traffic compared to heavy crowds of Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Best Time to Climb Mount Meru

Climb Mount Meru can be done throughout the year. However, the best time to Climb Mount Meru is during dry season.

  • From June to the October and January to February are the best months for Climbing mount meru as weather will be good. In this season there is high possibility to have amazing views of Mount Kilimanjaro too.
  • Beginning of March to May, Tanzania experience heavy rains and hence the same for Mount Meru too
  • From November and December, during Mount Meru Climb you will experience intermittent rains along the way.

The Mount Meru Route to Summit

Climb Mount Meru use an official route called Momella Route. The route begins from the eastern side of Mountain and ascends to northern rim of the crater to Socialist Peak, which is the summit.

Climb Mount Meru have two routes to Miriakamba Hut which is located at 2,514 meters. Climbers can choose between a shorter, steeper ascent or a slower, more gradual climb.

Walking within four to six-hours on the next will bring you to second hut which is Saddle Hut located at 3,570 meters. On this day you can have good of the crater along the way.

On 3rd day, it takes about five hours to summit and then return to Saddle Hut in time for lunch, before descending to Miriakamba for the last night.

Mount Meru Accommodation

Mount Meru accommodation is at two points; Saddle Hut and Miriakamba Hut. During high season they get filled in advance, so it recommended to make booking before arrival. Both huts are equipped with solar energy and bathroom. However, you should have your own sleeping bags for the nights.